Watercolor illustrations (720mm x 320mm, 380mm x 320mm)
In collaboration with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, illustrations by Sion Ap Tomos

The Growth Assembly is a collection of seven natural history illustrations from a future where plants are being genetically engineered to grow objects.

These illustrations form a conscious reference to the scientific tradition of botanical drawings by artists like Ernst Haeckel, who, before the backdrop of industrialization and before the dawn of Darwin, were cataloging the natural world as if it consisted of intricate living machines.

Contrary to this belief, the future use of biology for the production as living machines may fundamentally alter our idea of industrialization, introducing diversity and softness into a realm that is now dominated by standardization.

Once assembled, parts from the seven plants form a herbicide sprayer. It is an essential commodity used to protect these delicate, engineered horticultural machines from the older, more established nature.

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