Room, weather forecast, air conditioning unit, experimenter
In collaboration with Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Yesterday’s Today is the first instance of a series of works titled 'The Supertask' and focuses on one of the most common examples of modelling: the weather forecast. The product of a highly sophisticated, yet reductionist computational model of the climate, the forecast results in a representation of a slice of reality: a number on the scale of degrees Celsius.

To explore the deviation between model and reality we created an installation that would serve both as experiment in the scientific sense and experiential space in the artistic sense. It simulates the temperature for that moment and location, predicted on the previous day.

The visitor can thus experience the computational model and can compare any deviation from the reality surrounding it. This artificially-created alternate present—or rather any fluctuation between it and the actual outside environment—embodies the space between the model and reality.

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